Island hopping & Boat charter – Sailboat rental and tours

If you have a close look on the map of islands, surrounding Boracay Island, you won’t  find too many islands to be hopping to. Most companys will offer a ride on a charter boat to the Laurel Islands, Crocodile island and several beaches that can actually only be reached by the water. Island hopping Boracay

We offer that too – if you like.

Yet, our qualitys are to bring you further away like to Carabao Island or Buruangha. Both places take quite some sailing skills and will take next to a whole day to get there and back.

Island hopping by sailboat

gives you the touch of adventure as you are depended on waves, currents and wind. So you really do paricipate as you are right in the elements on our island hopping tours.

On Carabao Island we’d like to take you to one of two hotels of your choice, where you can ave a delicious breakfast or lunch. If you like, let us know and you can stay over night. Both places are airconditioned and provide an excellent cuisine. All in all, we offer Boracay island hopping at it's best.